Monday, July 19, 2010

True North... truly a WIP!

I found time over the weekend 
to put a little mouth on "Verus North"
and finish her paperclay hair!
I still need to basecoat the entire head with gesso.
Impatient me... I added a bit of Prismacolor pencil 
detail and watercolor blush... just for fun! 


  1. already she is gorgeous!! can't wait to see her all done! love your work, so glad i found your blog, you are truly inspiring!

  2. Hi Daryl and Katie- We're friends on Cloth and Clay dolls and I just came accross your blog through one I follow. I will stop back to visit- love to see your work, what a treat for my eyes!

  3. I loved watching your progress on her... Just waiting to see what you will create next....

  4. great idea with that different arms.